Healing Like a Holy Priest

Clergymen, in Wow, are incredibly versatile healers which might be capable of filling any part. Even so each and every role is quite dependent on which spec you’re and as being a holy priest your most important focus must be on raid therapeutic youtube. There are actually several issues you need to consider when raid healing, you ought to conserve mana, learn how to location heal, and control your world wide amazing downs (GCDs).

You need to constantly remember of the amount mana you might have at any presented point in an face. Holy clergymen are considered one of the the very least mana effective classes in WoW so it is actually crucial that you just do as minimal more than healing as feasible. How do you do this? You should definitely know the way much healing needs to be finished in a given position. You need to be inquiring you which spell can deal with this guy’s 5k missing well being or this team of four’s 3k well being, then decide your spell accordingly. It truly is very very simple definitely, you should not use an AOE mend when a one goal mend will do and vice-versa. Once you learn this straightforward skill you should not have much issues with managing from mana (OOM).

Next you should know after you have to spot heal. In most cases there are healing assignments to the tanks and raid, but you will find situations when you have to decide on up some slack to the other man. A person case in point might be in the Marrowgar come upon in Icecrown Citadel and the principal tank healer receives bone spiked, this is when it is best to make sure the tank is topped off right until the MT healer can resume healing. Try to remember that a great healer in no way allows everyone die, and that means you are dependable if an individual does regardless of whether it had been not your assignment. Therapeutic is about masking on your mates when they make blunders or something goes awry, so constantly continue to be with your toes.

To be a priest you will usually be wanting to hit that next button and acquire that mend off and that means you will require to handle your GCDs extremely nicely. Considering the fact that most spells within a holy priest’s arsenal are instant solid you will must possess a form of queue as part of your head as to what comes following. By way of example talents like Surge of light usually proc after a Circle of Healing cast so that you ought to get ready for your brief Flash Recover. Right after a few Flash Heals you ought to be ready for a hasted Higher Heal or Prayer of Healing. Make sure you know very well what buffs you have so you can normally make good decisions even though from the raid environment. Healers have the most choices to help make so ensure that you are nearly the obstacle.

I hope these thoughts assist you to when trying to heal to be a holy priest. Just try to remember your task will be to maintain absolutely everyone alive by way of their problems, mainly you happen to be the eraser.

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